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The Geneva Lake Shore Path

Begin your journey here on the Geneva Lake Shore Path: Nearly 22 miles in length, the trail encircles Geneva Lake and takes walkers up close to the century-old grand estates alongside the lake's sparkling waters.


About Our Books

Geneva Lake Reflections: More Stories from the Shore

Our second book, Geneva Lake Reflections: More Stories from the Shore continues the story of life around Geneva Lake. Delve further into the grand estates and charming camps, the quaint cottages and short-lived, yet popular hotels built beside the waters. Learn how major and minor events in history impacted this area as well as its characters through an illustrated timeline, maps, brief biographies and personal anecdotes.  Read more...

Geneva Lake: Stories from the Shore

Features archival and new photography of dozens of the glorious stories around the lake. Join us as we meander along the shore and bring its past to life with personal anecdotes, images from private collections and illustrative local timelines. Read more...



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